22nd and 23rd February 2020



How many times have you heard people complaining about lack of educational opportunities, poverty, improper healthcare facilities being the root of an underdeveloped and underachieving society. But how many times have you heard people giving solutions for it. Bytecamp 2020 strives to give solutions to the fundamental problems that are faced not only by us but also the disadvantaged class of the society. After all, we are in it together.


"The Data Revolution", it's not just about data science, machine learning or creating a true AI but also about technologies for handling, storing, and processing the vast amounts of data.An information technology revolution is quietly underway, and it revolves around the data. Unlike the previous great tech shifts like the personal computer, which brought software to the masses, or cloud computing that introduced distributed applications or even virtualization, with its greater hardware efficiency and flexibility; the data revolution is more subtle.

What Our ByteCamp Participants Say...

"Being a participant of bytecamp 2k19 has been a very vivid and memorable experience for me. I wanted to be a part of the team to understand what a hackathon is as it was going to be my very first step. I believe that my eagerness and perseverance helped us to be the second runner up of the competition among the very competitive 150+ teams."

Bytecamp'19 Winners

"It was something beyond our imagination. We enjoyed a lot in those 24 hours. we came across many different projects, which was very inspiring to us.We understood how to adapt to different situations in limited time. This experience is more of a learning phase and a better source of technical knowledge thane we ever thought it would be."

Team RAN
Bytecamp'19 participants

"The bytecamp was one of a kind of experience, in which one learns to build a thing from scratch it was totally a different experience for me being a newbie to all the technical terms i was quite amazed with the final product or the outcome of the project . The mentors helped a lot in making the idea into in a reality ."

Bytecamp'19 participants

"For us, ByteCamp ‘18 was our first ever Hackathon experience! Each phase, be it deciding on the project that we were going to take up or implementing it, was no less than a challenge, but all of it had it’s own fun! The whole team of ByteCamp, the organisers, mentors and judges were very helpful and approachable. All in all, we can describe ByteCamp ‘18 as a platform, that not only gave us a lot of technical knowledge but also, boosted our confidence and morale!"

The Amateurs
ByteCamp'18 Winners

"Not only was it a great learning experience, we also had a lot of fun. The adrenaline rush we gained hacking for 24 hours really lifted our spirits and shed light on what we could achieve, and winning the hackathon was just the icing on the cake. Also, the internship from Ahy Consulting was a life lesson for all of us, as we were exposed to a world of technology that was way beyond what we were used to.."

ByteCamp'17 Winners

"ByteCamp provided us a platform to build potential solutions for the current issues, showcase our creativity in technology, helped us push our limits and gain a lot of knowledge. It was indeed an enthralling experience..."

ByteCamp'18 Participants

"It was a very great effort to bring all the developers together. The mentors were very helpful and assisted us in our projects. This was a great platform for the students to show their talents and get industry level exposure. The overall experience of making a prototype based on an idea in 24 hours was very enlightening.."

ByteCamp'17 Participants

"Our experience of Byte Camp 2017 can be well expressed as a combination of tech enthusiast, competitors, entrepreneur and many more. The time from the hack starts till the final pitch, every moment gave me something to learn. Interactive mentors had lead us to build a healthy product. Overall one of the best hackathon conducted at college level.."

ByteCamp'17 Winners


Saturday, Febuary 22
9 AM Reporting and Registration
10 AM Inaugration Ceremony
10.30-11:30 AM Panel Discussion
11:30-12 AM Instructions for ByteCamp
12 PM Hackathon Starts
Let the hacking begin!
2-2:30 PM Lunch Break
5:30 PM Snacks Break
8.30 PM Dinner
Hacking Resumes Overnight
Sunday, Febuary 23
8 AM Breakfast
12 PM Hackathon Ends
12 PM Lunch Break
1-4 PM Presentation by participants
4 - 4:30 PM Declaration of winner and prize distribution



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