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About ByteCamp


Navi Mumbai's biggest hackathon is back again with its 5th edition!! Presenting before you BYTECAMP'21. Bytecamp is a non-profit initiative where a team works on solving a problem statement using their programming and hardware skills. A 24-hour long hackathon where you can brainstorm and create your own solutions. ByteCamp is part of SIES GST's technical extravaganza, which has received overwhelming response in the last 4 years. ByteCamp aims at providing an environment for all those genius brains which can code or create their imaginations into reality.



India: Into the Future

Advancement in Science and Technology is crucial for a country in becoming stronger and well-developed in the global arena. An ideal developed country focuses on its primitive issues which helps it to achieve the overall improvement of human life. Our country is slowly progressing, and in no time, will be in part with the other developed countries of the world. But there are certain limitations that could end up slowing our journey to becoming a developed nation. From low literacy rates to the increasing criminal activities, there are a lot of challenges that we as a country need to face to improve the standard of living. With this theme “India: Into the Future”, we ask you to look into these challenges to make India stronger and smarter than ever before. In a decade or two, what is the world you want to create for your own country? Take the look at the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Crime
  • Economy
  • Defense



₹ 12,000



₹ 8,000

1st RunnerUp


₹ 5,000

2nd RunnerUp

Special Prize


Amazon Gift Voucher

Best hack built on echoAR


19 Feb 2021

Registration begins, along with Abstract Submission

14th March 2021

Last Day for Abstract Submission

14th March 2021

15th March 2021

Teams shortlisted for ByteCamp'21 will be Announced

20th March 2021 9 AM

Inauguration of Bytecamp'21

20th March 2021 9 AM

20th March 2021 12 PM

ByteCamp'21 officially begins

20th March 2021 8 PM

First Mentoring Session

20th March 2021 8 PM

21st March 2021 8 AM

Second Mentoring Session

21st March 2021 12 PM

ByteCamp'21 hack submissions end

21st March 2021 12 PM

21st March 2021 3 PM

Final Project Presentation and Prototype Display in front of the panel of judges

21st March 2021 6 PM

Winners for ByteCamp'21 will be Announced

21st March 2021 6 PM


Being a participant of bytecamp 2k20 has been a very vivid and memorable experience for me. I wanted to be a part of the team to understand what a hackathon is as it was going to be my very first step. I believe that my eagerness and perseverance helped us to be the winners of the competition among the very competitive 150+ teams.

- Bytecamp'20 Winners

It was something beyond our imagination. We enjoyed a lot in those 24 hours. we came across many different projects, which was very inspiring to us.We understood how to adapt to different situations in limited time. This experience is more of a learning phase and a better source of technical knowledge than we ever thought it would be.

- Bytecamp'19 Winners

Our experience of Byte Camp 2018 can be well expressed as a combination of tech enthusiast, competitors, entrepreneur and many more. The time from the hack starts till the final pitch, every moment gave me something to learn. Interactive mentors had lead us to build a healthy product. Overall one of the best hackathon conducted at college level.

- ByteCamp'18 Winners


No, we aren't breaking into anything. Hacking is a new process of learning. To us, hacking means creating, innovating, and building something awesome with software or hardware. Another definition that we have is creatively solving a problem.
If you love to code, and are a student between the age of 18-25, you are more than welcome to participate in the Hackathon.
Zero. Yes you read that right. Admission to ByteCamp is completely free. We'll provide you with a weekend's worth of schwag, meals, drinks, snacks and a place to crash when you need a break from coding.
You can form teams of up to 3 people. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and developer skills.
Yes! Apply as you like, as an individual or with a team. But we believe that you’re stronger as a team than you are apart. You can join or create a team once you've started an individual application.
Pretty much everything from socializing with fellow hacker community to internship offers from the coolest tech companies. And yeah we’ll have prizes too. Most of all, you will gain an unparalleled learning experience and memories for a lifetime!
No, the hackathon is completely virtual. So, all the proceedings will be conducted online itself.

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