The Future is Now

Gather Your Team, Geek Out a Name and let's start Hacking
Hurry Up! Idea Phase ends 8th February 2018



What is a technical fair without a Hackathon? Where ideas emerge, developers evolve, nerds chill out and science accelerates further. In this spirit we invite all those developers out there for SIESGST's very own Hackathon- ByteCamp'18. This year the Hackathon revolves around futuristic technologies as the "Future Is Now". Exploring the avenues of Internet Of Things (IoT), this Hackathon promises to not just be future ready- but also boost the conglomeration of intelligent systems. So, put on your thinking hats, roll out the developer in you and let the coder in you go full throttle ahead.

Theme - Internet of Things

A calculator, a computer, an assembly of on board systems, a device for communication, devices to communicate amongst themselves, devices that started to learn and finally devices that might start thinking too. Intelligent systems sure have made a huge progress from the analytical Engine built by our Godfather - Charles Babbage. Today under the wave of IOT, we stand a step away from releasing a legion of intelligent systems to make our lives easier and smarter.

What Our ByteCamp'17 Participants Say...

"Not only was it a great learning experience, we also had a lot of fun. The adrenaline rush we gained hacking for 24 hours really lifted our spirits and shed light on what we could achieve, and winning the hackathon was just the icing on the cake. Also, the internship from Ahy Consulting was a life lesson for all of us, as we were exposed to a world of technology that was way beyond what we were used to.."

ByteCamp'17 Winners

"Our experience of Byte Camp 2017 can be well expressed as a combination of tech enthusiast, competitors, entrepreneur and many more. The time from the hack starts till the final pitch, every moment gave me something to learn. Interactive mentors had lead us to build a healthy product. Overall one of the best hackathon conducted at college level.."

ByteCamp'17 Winners

"It was a very great effort to bring all the developers together. The mentors were very helpful and assisted us in our projects. This was a great platform for the students to show their talents and get industry level exposure. The overall experience of making a prototype based on an idea in 24 hours was very enlightening.."

ByteCamp'17 Participants

"Bytecamp's 2017 iteration turned out to be a first of firsts for SIESGST and our team alike! Never having attended any Hackathons before, all we came in with was a plan in our head and the right equipment. But amidst the competitive environment, there was a lot we learnt. We witnessed the mentors' relentless support and even other team members pitching in their ideas for our improvement. Racking our heads to complete the project along with beating the clock, was just one of the many thrills we faced. If a friendly competitive arena is what you want to see, Bytecamp is the place to be!"

ByteCamp'17 Participants


Saturday, Febuary 17
9 AM Registration and other formalities
Check-in opens at 10AM! Make sure you are present at the venue atleast 15 minutes before.
10.30 AM Introductory Session
11 AM Panel Discussion
12 PM Hackathon Starts
Let the hacking begin!
2 PM Lunch
5 PM Snacks Break
8.30 PM Dinner
Hacking Resumes Overnight
Sunday, Febuary 18
8 AM Breakfast
12 PM Hackathon Ends
12.30 PM Code Submission Deadline
2 PM Lunch
3.30 PM Project Presentation



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